2021: WaterTech & SmartCities

This year’s challenge

How could we reconsider the way we live challenging the current design of our cities and the way we use our natural resources?


In the last 20 years, Guatemala has experienced a population growth of 45%.Currently, 52.03% of the population lives in urban areas compared to 42.11% in1995. Although this accelerated urbanization has brought multiple opportunities, it has also caused challenges, especially around the provision of decent housing, security and complications in mobility. The latest challenge results in citizens living in commuter towns due to the fact that they can not work, live and eat in the same place.

Out of the 97 billion m3 of fresh water available in Guatemala, only 10% is used in consumer activities. With over 330 Guatemalan municipalities registered in ENCOVI, only 4% have adequate wastewater treatment, while the rest is returned to our rivers, polluting and damaging our ecosystems. For the last hundred years, we have explored and exploited the world. In the coming years, we must be mindful by shifting our mindset and focus from pure abundance towards a focus on quality and sustainability.



How can we create a replicable, scalable, and sustainable system that allows total water management from collection to its final discharge, and a system that provides the amount of water according to the consumer's needs for future real estate development projects?
  • To capture, monitor, and analyze water resource management

  • To share and reflect data in real-time of the water inlets and outlets, which allow determining the water balance, quantifying possible leaks, and optimizing consumption

  • To integrate alternative options for independent water collection and water treatment according to its use


How can we design smart cities integrating technological solutions that address problems such as insecurity, renewable energy sources, and citizen collaboration?
  • To capture data and use digital technology to make better decisions and improve the quality of life and design of spaces

  • To enhance communication between the administration and citizens that promote the generation of a sense of community

  • To have the ability to reduce crime and increase the sense of security

ECM 2019 Finalists

Asynos (Is it Fresh)

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