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As Progreso's corporate accelerator, we are committed to create, design and bring to reality disruptive ideas for the benefit of the world, through collaborative innovation between corporations, startups and its ecosystem.

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ECM by the numbers

Through our Exponential Changemakers program, we open the doors for startups from all around the world to collaborate with us. During our past editions, we have had the opportunity to meet, work, and learn from many entrepreneurs from around the globe.



Startups worldwide have interacted with us



Startups have applied to the ECM program



Countries have
been represented


Pilots launched
with ECM winners





Our Partners

Investors of Zacua Ventures, an early-stage venture fund that invests in construction technologies focused on sustainability, productivity, and urbanization.  

Open innovation partners with Opinno, a global innovation consultancy and editors of MIT Technology Review in spanish. Along with Opinno, we design our ECM program and execute the Innovation Loops.

Partners with AWS. We grant AWS cloud credits to startups that participate in our ECM programs who are interested in using the service and technology to enhance their business.


Top 33 ECM Startups

At Progreso X, we are searching to collaborate with startups that base their business model on technology to tackle the biggest challenges that the construction industry faces nowadays.  These companies have built disruptive and scalable solutions to help our industry become more productive and sustainable. Meet the top 33 startups that have participated in our ECM program throughout the years.

Where do we come from?

Progreso is a regional group founded in Guatemala in 1899 by Carlos F. Novella. The company has more than a century of experience in the production and marketing of cement, concrete, lime, and other products, services, and solutions to enhance construction processes in Latin America.

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Each startup in our portfolio offers an innovative solution based on technology that helps to enhance construction processes and improve customer experience. By having been part of our ECM program, these companies have scaled their solutions with a business unit of Progreso.

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