About Progreso X

We are the corporate accelerator of Progreso. Our objective is to lead the initiatives that arise between Progreso, startups and the ecosystem that is generated from this interaction. Ensuring the strategic alignment and use of the corporate assets to be attractive and relevant in the world of entrepreneurship.

Our Focus

Be attractive to startups, taking advantage of the right corporate assets that can allow them to exponentiate their business models.

Being experts in due diligence between Progreso, startups and the ecosystem.

Being revitalizers among the main stakeholders of corporate entrepreneurship worldwide.

Our Values

Our solutions are

Human centered


in the top of our minds

Adapting to change is about continuous


We understand


as the basis for design

What do we mean by innovation ecosystem?



Risk Capital



Our Team

Erick Melgar

Co-founder & CEO

Gabriela Rodas

Co-founder & Project Manager

Rodrigo Zetina

Financial Manager

Manuel Díaz

Coordinator of Strategic Projects

Rocio Sierra

Project Coordinator

Elisa Ortiz

Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Initiatives

Heisel Figueroa

Administrative Assistant

Denis López

Project Development Coordinator

Sheidy Li

Networking and Relationship Manager

Christian Carroll

Innovation Analyst

Ricardo Calderón

Innovation Analyst

Pamela Godoy

Go-to-Market Manager

Jhon Olave

Scale-Up Manager

Diego Bran

Project Coordinator