Specific requirements:

The team must have:

  • Accepted the compliance and legal limitations regarding the management of personal data
  • Provisions of a cybersecurity system that guarantees the protection of the data collected
  • Capabilities to adapt to the specific demands and needs of users
  • A focus on digital transformation and eCommerce across different industries to improve living conditions that generate high impact.
  • Desire and aspiration to co-create with a replicable, scalable and sustainable business model.
  • A clear stage of maturity in the team: (early vs. scaling-up)
  • Being on an early stage:
  • Startups  enhancing their business model and open to possible changes according to market and customer needs.
  • Seed funding already raised.
  • Being on a scaling-up stage:
  • Business by raising more funds and increasing their user acquisition.
  • Series A already raised.
  • An established minimum of two years of operations
  • Clear business model: focused on the resolutions of specific problems and consequently improving people's lives.
  • A clear market segmentation
  • Potential scalability and replicability.
  • An operative and financial capacity to implement the technology.
  • Regarding the challenge for any legal issues: have the source code.