Who is eligible?

The requirements for participation in Exponential Changemakers are specified in the Terms and Conditions of the Exponential Changemakers program. Go to terms and conditions

Should my startup specialize in an area or theme to participate?

The Exponential Changemakers program 2020 is open for startups related to the challenges of this year Building our Digital Future; How could we exponentiate in Progreso the technological capabilities that allow us to provide a digital experience to our clients and increase the value and quality of the services we offer?

What stage should my startup have reached to be eligible?

You must have exceeded orbe near to your break-even point, and/or have already expanded operations in your country and/or region.

Can I present a solution for more than one challenge?

No, as a startup you can only present one application.

Can I present a solution regarding the established challenges? (solution oriented)

If you conceive that your solution has a direct relation or is a needed step in the road to solve the challenge, of course you can apply. You need to specify the input in the application.

How to apply?

The startups interested in participation in the initiative must register, fill and submit your application via the Progreso X website.In order to participate, you must create your user account and complete the required fields in the application form, attaching any necessary materials and documents. All the information submitted by the participants must be real and correct. In addition, the solutions proposed must be exclusive intellectual property of the startup participating in the initiative and, therefore, protected by the respective intellectual property legal rights. Apply Now

In what language should I submit my application?

The applications to the program must be submitted in English.

I don't live in Guatemala, can I participate?

Absolutely, Progreso X seeks to collaborate with startups from around the world, as long as you propose relevant solutions to the challenge.

How will the selection be carried out?

The selection process is conducted by managers from Progreso (business innovation coaches) and external consultants with experience in the challenge’s themes.

How many startups will be selected?

Ten out of the total of participants, will be selected to come to Guatemala and participate in the Demo Day & Boot Camp.

What is the Demo Day and when it occurs?

Is the first pitch that the startups are going to present. And is going to take place during the first day of the program Tuesday, November 24th 2020.

Does everyone who participate in the Demo Day must stay to participate in the Boot camp?

Yes, the ten startups selected must participate on both to be eligible for the innovation loops.

Does the program include the travel costs?

Yes, ProgresoX will provide a round trip ticket to Guatemala.

How long is the Boot Camp?

It is a three-day event, includes coaching and workshops.

In which consist the bootcamp and when it occurs?

The startups will have three to four coaching sessions with Progreso’s managers and external experienced consultants related to the challenges. And two/three workshops that will be helpful for the adaptation of your pitch. Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of November 2020.

There is more than one pitch?

Yes, on Friday 27th you must present the last pitch, it will help the judges to select the winners. (the 2 startups)

How many startups are going to be selected for the innovation loops?

*Two startups

Which is the difference between the Demo Day pitch and the Bootcamp pitch?

The first pitch is for you to present the business model of the solution and the last pitch would be the adapted version, after discovering the Guatemala’s and Progreso’s context through your business coaching sessions.

In what language is developed the program?

The Kickoff and Closing Event presentations will be in English and the everyday activities will be in Spanish. If you want to apply but the language is a barrier for your team, please contact us at deepdive@progreso-x.com.

How long is an innovation loop?

About three to four months.

Who will be the team?

A member of your team in representation of the startup, a Project Leader from Progreso X and a Progreso’s Business Unit Champion.

When does the innovation loop start?

In December with the planification.