Exponential Changemakers
Program 2020

The Exponential Changemakers 2020 program sought to exponentiate the technological capabilities in Progreso that allowed us to provide a digital experience to our clients and increase the value and quality of the services we offer.

Entrepreneurs from around the world were invited to an online application in which 10 of them were selected to participate in a week of judging. We had three days of online Bootcamp, mentoring, and pitches to select four projects with a four-month pilot that was designed and executed.

Through the collaboration between Progreso X and the startups, co-development work plans were prepared and characterized by the following belief.

The biggest legacy of a human being is to leave its print by constructing a better world, let's all be exponential changemakers, so our print gets even bigger.

ECM 2020 Finalists


Industrial AI to monetize existing data to increase production, profitability, and inventory turnover. Our AI-powered supply chain management software helps make data-driven decisions to improve production and free cash flow using operational data.



Locate and measure everything, anywhere, in real time. Implement comprehensive location and measurement solutions, improving efficiency, safety, and competitiveness.


Asynos (Is it Fresh)

Transforming supply chain systems by digitalizing trillions of assets on the single unit level with individual ultra-low-cost RFID/NFC-enabled tracking and sensors system and an integrated SaaS/private cloud data platform.


Unleash the potential cash trapped in your financial & administrative processes with easy-to-use digital solutions that simplify and automate business collections and payments.